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Library Services for Faculty: Build Better Assignments

Build Better Assignments

The library can help with designing or redesigning assignments to make them a better research assignment.

General tips:

  • Assume little research knowledge
  • Invite the librarian to come to talk to your class about research (request instruction here)
  • Be specific on what resources the students need to use but also be open to new resources.  For example, don't say "no websites," instead, require reputable websites or make a statement that .gov websites are allowed.
  • Scaffold the research into the class. Build parts of the research process through smaller assignments leading up to the larger research assignment.
  • Check that the library has resources before assigning them.
  • Encourage students to meet with a librarian for a one-on-one consultation.


To better assist students with their research assignments, faculty can upload their assignment prompts here:

This helps with reference assistance and future collection development.